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"For over twenty years, the Psychotropic Agent Handbook for Mental Health Workers has been used by Nursing Schools, Mental Health Centres and Residential Care Facilities throughout Canada and the United States of America.

It has been recognized as an invaluable tool in learning about psychotropic agents, their mode of actions side effects and client information sheets. The text is now being used by medical students at the University of BC for it's ease of use, understandability and comprehensiveness."

Online Journal of Psychiatric Nursing and Mental Health Care





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New Editions are released when new medications come on the market; and/or when the use/indication of use of the current medications changes; or when medications are found to be useful when used in combination with other medications.


We specialize in the publication of Mental Health Handbooks with the following titles:

Psychotropic Agents

15th Edition (June 2010)


Addictions and

Mental Health 

5th Edition (2009)

About the Author
Irene Ralph is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse with over 35 years experience in the field of Mental Health.  She has worked as a Nurse on  Inpatient Psychiatric Units,  as a Clinician in urban and rural Community Mental Health and Addictions settings, as a Manager of Mental Health and Addictions Services, and she is a pioneer of Dually Disordered treatment in Vancouver, BC.  Irene is also a Psychogeriatric Clinician and a private and contracted Instructor with leading Colleges on such topics as Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Mental Health and Addictions, DSM IV, and a number of other related topics.  She is currently retired but is available for workshops on request.

 Irene has been authoring Psychotropic Agents for well over 30 years and the text is widely used as a teaching tool by many University and College programs across Canada, and is a valuable resource to those of any discipline working with persons with mental health issues. Addictions and Mental Health is also used as a resource text for a number of programs and as a reference tool for anyone where mental health and addictions are an issue.


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