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IGR Publications is a Publisher of two Reference Texts related to the medications used in the treatment of those with a psychiatric disorder and those who may have a co-occuring mental health diagnosis and an addiction. Both texts are written by Irene Ralph RPN and represents untold hours of research prior to every publication. New editions are released whenever there are new medications on the market and in use and/or when new treatment strategies evolve using psychotropic medications.


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Online Journal of Psychiatric Nursing and Mental Health Care

For over twenty years, the Psychotropic Agent Handbook for Mental Health Workers has been used by Nursing Schools, Mental Health Centres and Residential Care Facilities throughout Canada and the United States.

It has been recognized as an invaluable tool in learning about psychotropic agents, their mode of actions side effects and client information sheets. The text is now being used by medical students at the University of BC for its ease of use, understandability and comprehensiveness.






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